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How to Make a Budget!


How to make a budget is the question that never enters your mind until it's too late. You may have heard about budgets from time to time, but do you really know what makes a budget so very important to your life?

I remember joining the work force as a recruit in the Navy over 23 years ago and being so excited to get that steady pay check into my pocket twice a month. I was always excited and curious about money, but never thought much about having a plan.

How to Make a Budget

It wasn't much back then, maybe four or five hundred dollars every two weeks, but with absolutely no debt, I was bringing in some serious dough! Unfortunately, I started seeing other people purchase nice things and began following suit. Sure, I knew how much money I was making and how much I could spend, so I spent it as I saw fit, buying the things I wanted while not thinking one bit about my future.

A few years later, I got married and my income started growing a little, but my expenses were equally growing. I still had no financial plan, no budget, no goals, and no plan for my future.

"Discover How a Financially Illiterate Sailor Turned His Life Around in One Year Flat and With a Two Year Plan, Never Worries About Debt Ever Again!"

Needless to say, my first marriage didn't work out and I found myself in some serious debt because of it. When you are out to sea and your other half doesn't pay the bills and bounces eleven checks within a week of transferring commands in the Navy, things get a little rough.

With a little financial counseling (thanks to the Navy) and a lot of personal discipline, I managed to pay off over $18,000 in debt using a simple budget planning concept. It's more than just writing down how much you make and how much you spend, it's a detailed plan of how you spend your money, how you pay off your debts, and what to do with the money that's left over at the end of each month.

The invaluable and extensive information, tools, and resources throughout my website, will teach you how to make a budget that will work for you, how to establish realistic goals for your money, and how to plan for the future as your financial situation changes. You will learn what a budget is and how it can get you what you want in life.

I want to help you reach the same, if not better, financial situation so you too can enjoy every bit of life you can with the income you bring in. Money is not all there is to happiness, but being able to manage your money (instead of it managing you) will bring you stability and personal freedom.

Start Troubleshooting Your Finances Today!


I am an engineering technician who troubleshoots and repairs sophisticated submarine electronic equipment every day. With the education needed to identify problems with this equipment, I can easily determine the problems and repair the equipment so it can operate normally.

Your finances are no different than the equipment I work on. It's bound to have problems that make it function incorrectly. When things aren't working correctly, you could be in serious danger. Debt, money mismanagement, and misused funds can make your life spiral out of control, affecting your personal and family life if you don't find out what the problems are fast.

I wrote a short troubleshooting procedure you can use to help determine problems in your budget plan. I want to give this procedure to you to help you get your budget back on the right track as quickly as possible.

Complete the form below and submit for your FREE copy of the Six Step Troubleshooting Procedure for Your Finances.

Oh, you're probably wondering how I paid off $18,000 in one year and completely turned my life around, setting myself up for total success for the future! Get your copy of the Six Step Troubleshooting Procedure for Your Finances and you will hear all about it!

To Budget Making Success!


Jason Moser

Jason W. Moser

P.S. Discover what is truly holding you back with your finances today and rid your life of all of your financial worries. Learn
How to Make a Budget today!





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